Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week 5: Student Centered Learning & Inquiry Based Learning

Student Centered Learning:
Have you ever heard about SCL? If not, then read the following to know it. SCL is the abbreviation of the term Student Centered Learning. It’s an educational approach that deals with student as a centered active person in learning process. In other words, the student is the one who is in charge in his/her learning. So, it’s kind of independent learning style. The teacher in this process is a facilitator, a helper, a coach, a guide and an assessor more than lecturer or teacher who just delivers information.

In the other hand, student is the centered active player and he/she is the knowledge producer here. SCL can be fit through active learning, or problem solving based, project based learning, co-operative learning, inquiry based learning and finally the authentic learning. Teacher can apply any of the previous approaches in their classes to achieve the SCL; since the approaches will serve the different learning abilities. Also, teacher as he/she is a facilitator; then different resources to accomplish this learning style should be available to make the learning is more easy for students like internet or books.

In the end students with SCL style will learn variety of skills like problem solving skills, thinking & analysis skills, decision making, lifelong learning skills and finally social skills.

Inquiry Learning:

Recently, teachers are encouraged to use Inquiry learning in their teaching. It is about seeking information by questioning. Using this SCL style will change teacher's role in class; the teacher becomes a guided more than a deliver of information, because student is the one who should look, search, reflect, integrate information and finally refine their questions. Using such a method will help students to build their knowledge by their own and according to their interest!

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